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  • AGU Honors and Leaders Updated for 2016

    Posted 10/24/16

    Congratulations to John Paden (Early Career Award), Christina Hulbe (Nye Lecture), and Claire Parkinson, Julie Brigham-Grette, and Stephen Warren (Fellows)! More information on AGU Honors is available here. Congratulations also to Lora Koenig (Cryosphere President-elect), Sinéad Farrell (Cryosphere Secretary), and Robin Bell, the overall AGU President-elect! Full AGU Elections results are available here.

  • AG Cryosphere Honors Updated for 2015

    Posted 10/21/15

    Congratulations to Sarah Kapnick (Young Investigator), Eric Rignot (Nye Lecture), and Ian Joughin, Larry Smith, and Scott Tyler (Fellows)!

  • Nye Lecture and Young Investigator Pages Updated for 2014

    Posted 03/01/15

    Congratulations to Dr. Jim White and Dr. Ian Hewitt!